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Itís easier to say you donít care than it is to try and then fail

DERRICK INGS AIRCRAFT SALES (DIAS) offers a range of aircraft sales and acquisition services to the General Aviation community.


Derrick Ings, Principal of DIAS, has been flying since 1970. Those early days were in open cockpit gliders when Weston-Super-Mare airfield was still open. He then became involved with the world of General Aviation courtesy a conversion to powered flight at Compton Abbas Airfield in the UK. This lead to aircraft sales gaining a reputation for courtesy, honesty and detailed attention to customer needs.


As a pilot, Derrick is aware of the finer points of General Aviation and the performance of a wide range of light piston and turbo-prop/jet aircraft, specialising in the more modern touring and business aircraft but also grass roots training aircraft.


With Derrick Ings there are no pre-conceptions of your requirements. By taking more time to understand the needs of you, the owner (maybe owner/pilot) or prospective purchaser, and also, where appropriate, the needs of your business and your passengers, Derrick Ings will help tailor the best possible solution.


Whether you are a multi-national corporation about to embark on your first nervous foray into purchasing a company aircraft, an established user of privately owned aircraft looking to replace or upgrade, or simply a private individual or flying school then Derrick Ings is for you.


If you are looking to purchase or sell anything from a club trainer to your first 4 seat tourer, to a pressurised single or twin, to a corporate steed, Derrick Ings will listen then talk then act, listening being the most important, thus, ensuring your needs come first.

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